Furniture Repair Service

Expert Repair Services for Fine Wood Furniture

Serving Clients in Boston, Greater Boston and Metrowest of MA - All work is done in our Shop.

Our Services for Repairing furniture includes the following: 

  • Complete strip and refinish
  • All structural repairs
  • Matching color to a desired effect
  • Replacement or repair of missing or damaged joinery
  • Replacing damaged marquetry and veneer
  • Replacing missing carvings and turnings
  • Repairs of decoratively painted furniture
  • Water damage repairs
  • Fire damage repairs
  • Wood Scratch Repairs

Our Furniture Repair Service Boston MA

Just because a piece of furniture is broken, missing detailing or has a knob from a drawer that’s gone, doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed up to look great again. We offer furniture repair services that cater to all kinds of problems that tend to happen to antique furniture. Our expert furniture repair team offers its services to customers in Boston, Newton and Wellesley, MA. From buffing out and resurfacing damage to furniture, to complete rebuilding of items that have been damaged, we have worked with many items that seemed beyond repair and brought them back to life again. 

Antique Chair Rebuild Project:

Signs You Need Furniture Repair

Furniture that has been passed down in families for years tends to become a member of your family. And when it is damaged, we want to restore and preserve it. So, if you are experiencing any of these issues it may be time to have your furniture repaired:

• Split in wood – This issue usually results from humid temperatures. Split wood can lead to the item breaking, so it’s best to get it repaired sooner rather than later.

• Broken Hardware – A missing knob can easily be replaced! If your item no longer has a piece of hardware, we can fix it!

• Drawers get stuck – If a drawer is sticking or doesn’t open smoothly, it most likely needs a hardware repair. 

• Chipped paint – This aesthetic issue can be an eyesore for some, so bring in your item so we can spruce it up!

• Broken chair leg – If you sit down on a chair and it feels unstable, the leg may be damaged. This can be an issue if someone falls from the chair and could possibly get injured.

If any of your furniture has these issues or they have others, call us today to see how we can help you!

Call Today To Get Started on Your Furniture Repair Project!

Whether you need the carving and detailing freshened up or a total repair to make it fully-functional again, ET Furniture Restoration has got you covered! If the piece you're looking to have repaired is too big or heavy our team can come to your home or business. We can usually complete a job in one to two days, along with clean up. Learn more by calling today or you can check out some of the past furniture repair projects on the GALLERY page.